David Zimmermann,BS

David Zimmermann, BS
David Zimmermann,BS

in Greater Colorado Springs Area, Colorado Springs and Rampart Range in El Paso County, Monument, CO

David R Zimmermann, is Colorado Recovery Solutions Chief Operating Officer (COO). He leads the Operations Team at Colorado Recovery Solutions in Colorado Springs, Colorado, to assist patients improve their mental health, provide alternatives to treatment resistant conditions, and give patients a different and more holistic pathway to life-changing treatments.

David graduated from the University of Colorado - Colorado Springs with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. He also has two Associates Degrees in General Studies from Pikes Peak State College and in Applied Science for Allied Health / Practical Nursing from the Community College of the Air Force.  He is also a Veteran that served as an active-duty Air Force Medic in several different assignments. His specialties were Family Health as an Aerospace Medical Technician and Flight Medicine as a Flight and Operational Medical Technician. He worked closely in face-to-face patient care, clinical operations, headquarters medical management working groups and as a proficient first-responder out-in-the-field. He has also worked as an Emergency Medical Technician, Fire Fighter, Security and Parking Operations for different companies. His next goal is to get his Masters in Nursing with a specialty focus in Psychiatry.

His love for family, friends, nature, faith, science and his subjective life experiences have also inspired him to pursue a career in Advanced Clinical Psychiatry. He deeply relates to those suffering from all forms of mental health conditions and portrays a compassionate and empathetic care to finding a long-lasting or permanent healing.

He is a fluent Bilingual Spanish speaker, who is very proud to come from Central America. His other passion in the medical realm is to assist those that only speak Spanish or that speak very little English, to understand the full scope of their conditions and plan of care. As an immigrant himself, he personally witnessed the lack of resources and dire need in our immigrant communities, and wants to make an impact in where those services and resources are needed the most.

He loves caring for others and treating everyone with respect, dignity, humility and confidence. He is very happy to be leading the Operations Team at CRS and to harvest a community of empathetic professionals that are spearheading the way in our modern Mental Health Crisis with edge-cutting treatments and techniques.